Beaded Weft Hair Extensions – Hair Shop

Are you tired of hair extensions that keep falling? The key to this problem is a much reliable and durable type of hair extension. This type is a beaded weft hair extension. The hair strands at the top are sewed in to make a rigid curtain-like arrangement to connect these extensions with your hair. With the help of beads on these extensions, your hair locks in with them. This idea is generalized. A series of details account for the procedure. This article will cover these details and exciting words on the Weft-like hair extensions.

What is the Difference?

  • The most important reason is that this method does not use glue, heat, or other chemicals which can seriously damage your hair. Silicon lines the beads which gives a lustering look to these extensions.
  • Silicon is much lighter than traditional elements generally available for these extensions. This material reduces the weight of hair extensions on your hair, and you feel much more delicate.
  • These hair extensions, according to many hairstylists, are undetectable. It would help if you always let a professional hairstylist do this job, as they will keep the beads close to your scalp to make them even more undetectable.
  • Due to the lightweight of these extensions, you can take them to the gym or daily walk. These extensions have a variety of uses, and you will never feel tired of using them.

How Long Can You Use Them?

This sector is the area where it gains all the advantages. If you provide regular care to these extensions, these can last more than eight months. Yes, you read it right. You can use these extensions multiple times before moving on to newer ones. According to many hairstylists, such a long service time is not available for other types of hair extensions.


This sector is also in solid favor of these beaded Weft hair extensions. You can buy multiple designs for under $200. In contrast with the keratin hair extensions, which cost no less than $500, this deal is undoubtedly a profit. 


Increasing the length is not the primary purpose of using these hair extensions for most women. Some women want to try exciting hairstyles and require more volume of hair. So the wait is over. Stop using all those expensive hair treatments to increase the volume and length of your hair, and try these hair extensions. A plethora of designs is available to match your wish at every event. So get the most out of your hair by using these hair extensions.


You will have to ensure extra care of these hair extensions most of the time. Please do not wash them daily. To avoid this washing, use dry shampoo. Do not use max heat settings on your hair straightener, even if you have to straighten a bulk of these hair extensions. Heat is generally an enemy of hair. Pay regular visits to your hair salon after every 3 to 4 weeks to keep a check on your hair extensions. If it is your first time with these extensions, consult your hairstylist for various details.