Babe Lash Essential Lash Serum Reviews

Are you missing your teenager lashes? Those thick and long lashes defined your personality, and everyone would gossip about those lashes. But now your hair on the lashes is thinner, and you have lost all that extra volume. Do not worry, as Babe Lash has got you. This product is a serum that enhances the growth of your hair and glorifies the look of your lashes. An extra plus here is that you can also use the babe lash on your extensions. The extensions will feel shinier. Apart from that, the brand sells other hair products to keep your hair ever-growing. This article will cover all the details about Babe Lash Serum. 

How effective is it?

First, all the lash serums take some time to give the required effects, so you must be patient. Babe lash claims that it usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks for the changes to occur, and you will be able to see a difference after this time. Many reviews online show that the product takes time, as the brand mentions it in the product description. The serum takes time to diffuse in your skin and correct all the misfortune.

When to Use?

Initially, you will have to apply the serum every night before sleep. Then after you see the results, decrease the frequency of usage to a couple of times a week.

Do you have to apply this serum to lower lashes?

You do not have to apply them on the lower lashes as the serum will ultimately spread on the lower lashes from the upper lashes.

Is it a Long term Solution?

No, Babe Lash is not a long-term solution as it provides effect for a short time, and then you will have to apply it again to get the same impact. So if you discontinue using Babe Lash, your lashes will go back to their original condition. So you should use the product consistently to keep on receiving the same effects. It is just a serum, and it will not harm your hair.

Does it affect the eyes?

One central question that lashes serum users often ask is the damaging effects of the serum ingredients on the eyes. For the Babe Lash Serum, the ingredients are of high quality and do not cause any damage to the eye. So if sometimes it accidentally seeps into your high, give a take a wet cloth and swap the look with it to remove the serum. Some people might experience an allergic reaction. If this happens, then discontinue use.

Where to Buy?

The safe way to purchase the serum is from an authorized retailer. The copies available on Amazon and Walmart are not secure and sometimes offer appealing prices. Do not fall for this trap and buy from a trusted retailer like saloons that provide proper packaging and care of this product.


The serum has a high ranking among serums from other brands and effectively meets all the requirements. If you are looking for some change in your serums, give this one a try.