Can Hair Extensions Cause Hair Loss?

Hair extensions have become an integral component of the hair industry. Almost every model or person related to media is wearing them to achieve that extra volume of hair on their back with extra length. Some use hair extensions to get an additional color on their hair. There are common miss conceptions about these hair extensions. Beginners are primarily concerned in this case, and one of such misconceptions is whether these hair extensions cause hair loss or not. In this article, you will read about answering these questions as most hairstylists address them.

The short answer to this question is that it depends on the type of hair extensions that you are using and whether you have applied them correctly with proper attention. Also, you have to take care of these hair extensions.

Tape-in Hair Extensions:

For these hair extensions, hair loss can occur if you apply the tape close to the roots of your hair. When you remove the hair extensions, hair can appear. So it is advised that you book an appointment with a hairstylist to avoid these mistakes. Another important thing with these hair extensions is the material in the adhesive. If you are not allergic to this adhesive, you are good to go.

Clip-in Hair Extensions:

These hair extensions require a clip that holds your hair in one place with the hair extension. You can install these hair extensions at home without much trouble. But things can get a little out of hand if you install them incorrectly, placing them too close to your hair roots or tightening them more than the recommended limit.

Taking Proper Care:

  • You need to maintain these hair extensions as part of your hair

 most of the time. 

  • Please give them a gentle massage during washing and use the hairbrush a little less roughly to avoid excessive tangle formation. 
  • Try temporary hair extensions and avoid tightening them if you have hair loss.
  • If you have concerns about hair conditions after using these extensions, try to use hair extensions regularly. Try to use some high-quality hair extensions and have regular appointments with your hairstylist to check your scalp.

Removing the Hair Extensions:

The most common hair extensions that people love to use are clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions. Generally, you can remove them at home because their use is temporary.

  • For clip-in hair extensions, you can remove the clips strand by strand.
  • You will need a specific adhesive remover for tape-in hair extensions because simply stripping off the tape will affect your hair roots.


Generally speaking, hair loss occurs less frequently with hair extensions. You will have to take good care along with regular appointments with your stylist to keep your hair damage-free.