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Best Micro Beads For Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are common these days, and most women prefer hair extensions rather than applying all those hair products to get the length which often is less than expected. Moreover, some chemicals in these hair treatments are not likely to benefit your scalp. These points enormously increase the popularity of hair extensions. One of the most convenient ones is the micro-beads hair extensions among various hair extensions. This article will cover various aspects of microbeads hair extensions.

Why Do You Need Hair Extensions?

  • Some women use dyes on their hair a lot, and during dyeing, You lose much hair by cutting them repeatedly. 
  • The problem also arises with women using many hair treatments or having hair loss problems. 
  • Micro-beads hair extensions are an easy way to solve the problem. 
  • Although it is temporary and you will need to shed some extra bucks while you go in for applying for these hair extensions every time. 
  • Some of the most luxurious ones can cost around $600 or more. 
  • To get the most out of these hair extensions, you will have to provide extra care.

The Maintenance:

One of the critical features of these hair extensions is their maintenance. Along with personal care, there is a maintenance session once after three weeks, and you need to attend this maintenance session. Try to make an appointment with the same hairstylist who applied for those hair extensions. If you do not maintain those hair extensions, they will fall out, and tiny knots will form. So how does the maintenance work? 

Well, first, you have to know that how these beads work. A hairstylist passes your hair through these beads. Then pressure is applied with the help of some pliers to lock the hair extensions in place. Usually, this locking is not tight because if it is closed, it will create pain. Due to this fact, the hair gradually falls out of these beads over time. The maintenance session will tighten the hair up again in those beads. The average life span of hair extensions is around 3 to 4 months. Ultimately you can prolong this time by taking proper measures. Some of these are as follows:

  • Do not wash your hair along with extensions daily with a conditioner. 
  • While going to bed, tie up your hair and do not leave them open to reduce forces that compromise the beads’ function.
  • Use mild heat settings on your hair straightener. 
  • The precautions and care are pretty much the same as your regular hair. 

First Time?

Many customers are using hair extensions for the first time. General advice for them is to let the professional hairstylist do everything. Hair extensions are not a cheap venture. They give you a different look. Before applying for these hair extensions, get all the necessary details from your hairstylist. 

Why Micro Beads?

  • The ones which use glue to attach hair extensions with your hair can damage your air and scalp. These are cheap but compromise your scalp condition by damaging hair follicles.
  • Some like Fusion Hair Extensions use heat to get the job done. Heat is also a negative factor for your hair.
  • There is a lot of variety in this category, and you can customize them by choosing colors from a plethora of options. 

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