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Sew-in Hair Extensions 2022

Hair extensions are an ordinary commodity these days and serve as an ultimate solution to alter the length of your hair. There are many versions of hair extensions available for people and hair designers out there. Some come with adhesive tapes, while others use beads and loops to lock your hair with the extension. The lower versions use glue to apply for hair extensions with your hair. The tapes used here are more expensive than regular ones, and many people do not choose this option. A much safer option is to sew in the hair extension with your hair. This article will cover the details about Sew-in hair extensions, so take some time out for this brief piece of writing.

How does it Work?

  • These hair extensions serve their purpose for a more extended period, and the process of installing them to your hair is a complicated one. Only a professional can accomplish such a task. This factor can be a con of these sew-in hair extensions as you cannot manage them at home or by yourself unless you are a professional hair designer. 
  • Next, a series of processes allow hair designers to tie the hair extension with your hair. This process includes horizontal sectioning of your hair and tight braiding across your head. The process takes around 5 hours, and even after this process, you will have to visit the hairstylist to tighten your braids frequently.
  • Many actors, models, and celebrities prefer this method as it helps them maintain hair length for a more extended period.


  • A trend is there in the hairstylist industry about the sew-in hair extension. This portion of hair extensions has seen rapid growth in popularity. The only reason here is that it stays on your hair for a longer time and is relatively stable.
  • Another important reason is that these sew-in hair extensions are not expensive at all. The other variants of hair extensions are pricier and unreliable, with many of them being short-term solutions. The sew-in hair extensions are readily available and provide a longer us3e than others.
  • Many hair extensions are not for short or thin hairs because the ways they are hooked-up with your hair become pretty prominent with short hair, and it looks awkward. The sew-in hair extensions are generally sewed-in to your hair, and you can use them with short hair with no difficulty. So it is a significant sigh of relief for people with short hair.
  • Of all the hair extensions available out there, sew-in hair extensions are more secure. If properly installed, these can be an excellent alternative to all those expensive medical procedures and herbal treatments you have tried for decades with only a few centimeters of hair growth.


  • Only a few hairstylists offer to provide suitable procedures while applying for these sew-in hair extensions. So most of the time, it gets messy, and you have to give up on sew-in hair extensions. But if you find a good hairstylist, stick to these extensions and let other people around you know about the hairstylist.
  • The process of installing them and maintaining them is complex and takes a lot of time. But the reward of patience is sweet. So try to ignore the wait if you prefer sew-in hair extensions.


The best-selling hair extensions online and in various saloons are sew-in hair extensions. Find a good hairstylist and give it a try. You will surely love the experience.

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