Best Micro Loop Hair Extensions

So you want to enhance your hair length, and all those medications, hair therapies, and hair treatments from expensive salons are not working, or in some cases where you prefer herbal products, the treatment is taking too long. So cut the wait by using the ultimate solution for this problem. Use Micro-Loop hair extensions, more commonly available as Micro-Beads hair extensions. Before applying for these hair extensions, take some time to read the contents of this article to help you get a better knowledge of hair extensions and the customizations you can add to spice up the fashion.

Pros of Hair Extensions:

  • Before using hair extensions, do remember that such methods are just temporary. They can help you a lot for a spic glow-up at a party or a formal event wherever you like to use them, but hair extensions are not a permanent solution.
  • A lot of colors are available for you to choose from in the inventory. So if you have a specific color treatment on your natural hair, you can almost always find a perfect match for the hair extensions as well.
  • The Micro Beads hair extensions do not need glue to stick to your hair. So it reduces a lot of mess.
  • Finally, you can easily remove the extensions or adjust them within minutes. Just remember to choose the extensions that tend to match your hair pattern and color.

Cons of Hair Extensions:

  • Do not use these hair extensions if you have a hair length that barely crosses your shoulders, typically short hairs. It will look awkward and way off-style.
  • If you use these micro hair extensions for the first time, then take help from someone while applying them. If you misapply them, the hair extensions will slip, and this incident will ruin your glow-up moment.


  • These hair extensions are available in strands of hair. At the end of each strand, there is a loop through which you can pass your strand of hair to lock the extensions in one place. No need for glue at all.
  • So if you are afraid of destroying your hair with chemicals, shampoos, and all the other crazy stuff, use the micro-loop hair extensions to get desirable hair length.
  • Now you have to remove the beads or loops on these hair extensions. The technique is quite simple, and all you have to do is use small pliers to open the coils which are locking your hair with extensions. After this, pull the hair extensions out.
  • People with short hair or thin hair should avoid the extensions. The most obvious reason is that the ring will be visible. If you have to use the hair extensions with thin hair, you can use tape rather than beads or loops on the hair extensions. But it will become a “sticky situation.” A brand for Hair Extensions:

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