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Hair extensions provide an easy alternative to all those time-consuming hair treatments you have to follow to gain some hair length. Hair extensions come in various styles and sizes. Some of these hair extensions stick to your hair for quite an extended period. Others, like the one which is the topic of this article, come in handy for quick application and usage. These types do not require a professional hairstylist to adjust them. You can quickly apply them for the event and remove them easily. This article will cover some essential details of micro-bead hair extensions, which you should look through before buying them. 

So what exactly are these?

Micro-bead hair extensions mean tiny beads that allow you to adhere to the hair extensions with your hair. Do not expect this bond to be strong like fusion hair extensions. But these micro-beads sure tie a smooth and durable knot around your hair. Unlike many other long-lasting hair extensions, which require heat to adhere to your hair, these extensions only depend on the beads, so the damaging effects of heat are not there. Practically, these extensions are convenient, and you can use them anywhere anytime. The extensions consist of natural human hair, so there is a lot of variety that you can give a try. 

Why do you need these?

The answer is simple. You want to add instant length to your hair. In some cases, there is rapid hair loss, and you can apply these hair extensions to provide the required size and mask the effects of hair loss. So for women having hair loss, these hair extensions are significantly necessary. For others, it is all about style. You can use any color treatment on these hair extensions and apply them without treating your original hair. This process can add a lot of change to your hair. Some hairstyles require a certain length of hair. Why are you waiting for your hair to grow if you love these hairstyles? Just grab one of these micro-beads hair extensions and enjoy any hairstyle you want. These extensions change the way you look. 

How much time does it take?

The answer is not a single line. You can guess the time by the number of hair strands you will be applying per extension. The more these strands are, the longer it will take. You have to adjust the beads carefully. It can be time-consuming, but it is always less than other hair extension types.

How do you apply them?

If you apply them for the first time, let the hair professional do it. The process is simple and only requires a set of pliers to hold the beads in place firmly. The technician will pass the strand of your hair through these beads and lock them in place with the help of pliers. There is no use of heat or glue. This process is one of the safest, and you do not need to worry about your hair. 


As with all the hair extensions, these hair extensions are not cheap. A standard pack consists of 70 to 100 strands of hair, and the cost for this pack can quickly go above 100 dollars. Moreover, the authentic product is not readily available on various internet websites, and you ultimately have to visit your salon for the best value for your money. So there will be the cost of the technician work. Overall, it is a pleasant experience but still requires a lot of maintenance and care. 

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