What Are Fusion Extensions?

Are you tired of short hair? Well, hair extensions are in the market and give you the length of your hair which matches your personality. The only problem here is that which type of hair extensions to use. Some hair extensions provide durability and have a long-term application. One of these hair extensions is the fusion hair extension. The fingernail type hook is fused with your hair using heat which adheres the extensions firmly. This article will explore the basic information about fusion hair extensions. 

How to Apply?

These hair extensions require a professional to apply them carefully. The hot fusion iron comes in handy when melting that keratin to fuse the hair extensions with your hair. The process takes a lot of time, and it virtually depends on the number of hair extensions you will be applying to your hair. The process takes no less than 3 to 4 hours. So it is advisable to look for a good hair salon while going in for such hair treatment. 


The hair extensions can last about 3 to 4 months, and the period generally depends on how you maintain those extensions. There is an enormous versatility in these hair extensions as they typically consist of natural human hair. You can apply color treatment to enhance the look of your hair. The primary perk for these hair extensions is that you do not have to remove them every night like the ones which come with clips and beads.

The After Effects:

After applying for the hair extensions, you can experience slight pain in your head. Some of that pain comes from scalp sensitivity, which many women know. While for others, the pain is because you have applied an extra volume of hair which you are not used to in everyday life.

The pain is temporary, lasting for just the initial couple of days. 

Going to Bed:

You can quickly go to bed with the fusion hair extensions. Just remember to make a ponytail of your hair which will add a lot of comforts. These treatments are specific for every woman, and there is no general rule. So you should consult your hair technician before applying for these hair extensions. 

Washing Your Hair:

Try to wash your hair straightly and not bend down as it will create tangles that can become a problem. Use shampoo and conditioner on the extensions as well. Do not pressure the area where the bond exists between your hair and the hair extensions.


Hair extensions consist of natural hair and require the same precautions to apply to your hair. Choose the heat styling equipment like a hairdryer or straightener wisely, as heat is an enemy of your hair extensions. Try to use dry shampoo with these hair extensions rather than washing them daily. Pay frequent visits to your hair technician after every two weeks to keep an eye on the condition of hair extensions. You will have to provide extra care for the first time.

Pricing: Hair extensions like these are expensive to buy and maintain. Additional costs include the fee of your hair salon. So overall, it is not a cheap process to have fusion hair extensions. But it sure solves the problem.