Lana Del Rey’s Hair Trends

The queen of pop alternative Lana Del Rey is not only known for her sultry nostalgic music, but also for her fashion sense and hair do’s. She likes her curls soft and big almost like the old Hollywood days. When she first started out she wore her hair in platinum blonde. I guess that did not really fit her so she chose to dye her hair in darker colors. As referenced in her song “Black Beauty”

I paint my nails black I dye my hair a darker shade of brown ‘Cause you like your women Spanish, dark, strong and proud
― Lana Del Rey – Black Beauty

I personally love Lana and her endless style. I’ve always wondered how she achieves those effortless curls. Her hair always looks flawless! It is often suggested that you should always start with hair that has been freshly washed and blow-dried. Personally, I found that one or two day old hair is best when holding a hairstyle without a lot of product. I mean who wants a bunch of product in their hair anyway? Hair is best when it is light and full of volume.

So let’s talk about how to achieve Lana’s Old Hollywood look. If you want this vintage look keep on reading.


Another name for this look is “dry finger waves”. You should always start off by curling your hair in one direction. To loosen up your curls, simply take hair oil of your choice and brush it out with a paddle brush. Before all of this please make sure that you have a side part, as middle parts are not very suitable for this hairstyle.

Now this is where it might get tricky. After you’ve finished brushing out your curls, you need to find the first “C” in the “S” curls.


This is to blend the hair together to start your finger waves. To make finger waves use your index and middle finger to hold hair in place and then take a fine tooth comb below your finger, and drag your hair towards the face. Be sure to make sure that the comb is touching your scalp.


After you release the comb, with your 2 fingers, hold down and pinch the bump to hold it in place while you clip it or pin it in place.


Repeat the same steps for the next sections of your hair, just connect the finger wave bumps. Also every time you complete a row of finger waves you are going to hair spray it and let it dry completely before moving on.

When moving on to the next row you will repeat the previous steps only this time, drag your hair away from your face. This is what creates that beautiful “S” shape.

This hairstyle is perfect for an elegant date with a beautiful dress. It is very nostalgic, and can make anybody look vintage. When doing it you will only need to do one side of your head. Both sides are optional and is up to your own personal preference.