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3 Stylish Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short hair does not have to mean boring hair. There are so many awesome things for you to do with your luscious locks! Shorter hair shows that you have more edge and you don’t really care about what people think. Being yourself is very important and if you find that shorter hair is for you, you should definitely go for it. However you may find that hairstyles can become limited with your new hair do, but I am here to tell you that you literally have thousands of options. However today I am going to give you three.

  1. The Double Bun


This hairstyle is super cute and easy to do. To achieve this hairstyle all you need is two elastics and a comb for parting. First of all you should always start with clean fresh hair. If you don’t want to that is okay! The messy look is trending and it’s just as beautiful. You want to part your hair from each of your temples so they connect and your hair is now in half. After that you part down the middle of your hair. You should now have 3 sections. Use the two sections on top to make your mini buns! You can either make them messy and edgy or cute and neat. Whichever suits you best.

2.   The Half Up Half Down


This hairstyle is already pretty common. However it is so beautiful to wear on a casual day. Its simplicity allows you to show off your best face features. All you need is one elastic of your choice and a comb or brush. Try a fuzzy elastic for a more fun look. First you should part your hair from ear to ear. Now that you have two sections, start by combing up the top half into an elastic. Once you have it their make it tighter or looser (whichever you prefer). When you are finish with that you can now add extra beauty to this hairstyle. To this just fan out the ponytail by pulling the hair in the ponytail outwards. Once again this is optional.



You might confuse this for “milkmaid” braids, but this one is a different variation. This hairstyle may be difficult for you to achieve if you do not know how to cornrow braid. However it is beautiful and adds elegance to anything you are wearing. Your braid does not have to be perfect and it probably will not be perfect. A neat flaw-free braid is not really ideal for this hairstyle. The point of this hairstyle is to show how elegant a mess can actually be. You can start by either parting your hair down the middle or down the sides. Once you’ve done that cornrow both sides down and then secure the ends with an elastic.

Hopefully after reading this article you can find the beauty and versatility in your short hair. I only showed you three but there is so much more. Experiment with your hair and find out which ones you like the best!



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