How to Fix Frizzy & Dry Hair Extensions

If you regularly use hair extensions, you might have noticed that these hair extensions get frizzy and dry. You searched the internet for a reason and did not get the required answer. This article will try to address this issue, and by the end of this article, you will know a solution to deal with these curly extensions.

Why do they get Frizzy in the first place?

Our natural hair emerges from a hair root beneath the skin of our scalp. Many small glands associated with this hair offer protection from frizz. The oils secreted by the scalp also moisture the hair and protect them from dryness.

But the hair extensions are not natural, and your hairstylist adjusts them with your hair strands. These extensions have no means of nutrition from the scalp. That is why there are specific treatments that you will have to provide yourself to keep them frizz-free and nourished.

What Products to Use?

If you are dealing with frizz and dryness, there are certain products that you can start using to get rid of the situation initially. Remember to first consult your stylist or doctor about these products and whether they will suit you or not. This list provides products based on the positive results from most customers:

  • Sulfate-Free Shampoos:

Many shampoo manufacturers add sulfate in their shampoos to create that extra lather on your hair. Although it can be a good idea, these sulfates remove oils and sebum secretions from your scalp. This ingredient leads to the formation of frizzed hair. So avoid shampoos that have sulfate in them.

  • Conditioners:

For your conditioner, you can use something that moisturizes your hair effectively. You can use glycerin-based conditioners because of their excellent moisturizing ability.

  • Hair Masks:

Hair masks are also ideal for dealing with all that frizz and dryness. They achieve this function similar to face masks.

  • Nourishing Oils:

To prevent the frizz from coming, you should opt for nourishing oils. These oils will keep the hair frizz-free and also remove dandruff formation. Moreover, these oils will help you achieve moisture essential to prevent dryness of your hair. An additional bonus with suitable nourishing oils is preventing hair fall.

  • Taking Care of the Extensions:

You have to take good care of these extensions, or they will wear out before their average service life. Taking them off before going to bed will help you a lot in this case. You have to store them in proper packaging to prevent them from impurities. You can be gentle with these extensions while applying and removing them. If this is your first time, you should always seek help from your hairstylist for such purposes.

What are the Best Options for Frizz-free Hair Extensions?

You can use hair extensions closer to your scalp. For instance, weave-in hair extensions could be your best option. Moreover, you can use synthetic hair extensions as they consist of artificial hairs which cannot get any frizz.