How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

With the growing use of hair extensions, people frequently ask questions about hair extensions and their impact on their everyday lives. Everybody knows that having hair extensions is not a cheap adventure. So, it is pretty reasonable to think about how long they will last. Well, the short answer is that their service life varies between different types of hair extensions. This article will address the lengthy explanation of this sought-out question. So keep reading the article if you want to know about these facts, which revolve around multiple customer reviews.

Temporary Hair Extensions:

Reusable hair extensions have a shorter life span. They are available at affordable rates, and you do not always need a professional hairdresser every time you need to attach them to your hair. There are different types of these temporary hair extensions, and each has a varying service life.

  • Clip-on Hair Extensions:

These hair extensions come with different quantities of hair and length with a clip towards their ends which you can use to attach them with the roots of your hair. They have a service life of about 3 to 6 months.

  • Halo Hair Extensions:

Their life span varies according to your use. If you take care in using them, they can last up to 6 months. Of all the hair extension types, these are the most temporary.

  • Ponytail Hair Extensions:

If you love your ponytail and want them to be bulkier and more prolonged, these temporary ones are the most suitable for you. These hair extensions usually last longer because they are not always in use. You can make them last about 6 to 7 months with proper care.

How long do hair extensions last?


Fusion hair extensions or Pre-Bonded hair extensions are attached to the root of the hair with a tool that looks similar to a hot glue gun—this tool attaches hair to individual strands of the natural hair for a fuller, natural looking appearance.

Permanent Hair Extensions:

Hair extensions like these come with the higher build quality. These hair extensions usually require a professional hairstylist because you have to insert them strand by strand. You will need an appointment every 4 to 6 weeks during the life span of these hair extensions. Among the different types of hair extensions in this category, you can look for:

Tape-in Hair Extensions:

These hair extensions require medical-grade tape to attach them to the roots of your hair. Some people may be allergic to the contents of the adhesive of the video. Nonetheless, you can make these hair extensions last with management and good appointments for a year.

  • Micro-loop Hair Extensions:

These hair extensions have a small ring-like loop around their ends, and the hairstylist installs them strand by strand, bypassing your original hair within the coils of these extensions and closing the loops by applying pressure. These extensions are preferred, and with proper attention, these can last for more than a year on your hair.

  • Sew-in Hair Extensions:

You have to sew these hair extensions within your hair roots. It can be an ideal case for those individuals whose hair has a prolonged rate of growth, and although these hair extensions can last more than a year, you should not keep them in your hair for more than three months because they can affect your hair growth.


Hair extensions of any type require proper care. You should avoid bleach washing them or coloring them as you can order colored ones from the retailers. I prefer dry washing them to prolong their life expectancy. The temporary hair extensions do not perfectly fit short hair as they give an unnatural look.