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Which Suits You Better? Weave or Clip ins?

When it comes to weaves, it is a long term protective hairstyle that you can wear for up to three months. A weave hair extension is very simple to create. A series of cornrows are created using your own hair and a strand of extension hair, it then goes across the head going from one edge to the other and meeting in the middle of the head. It starts at the bottom and finishes usually at the top of your ears so you’re left with a lot of cornrows in your hair. Depending on how many can fit on your head and if the stylist thinks it will work. On each cornrow, two or three maybe four wefts of hair are sewn into the plait using thick cotton to ensure it stays secure… and that is pretty much it! Once the hair is sewn in it’s secure and free for you to style and wear as you would any other extensions.

However weaves have their disadvantages. Also weaves are more time consuming to install. You may be in the salon for a while. Also, as your hair grows, the cornrow across your head becomes much looser, causing it to hang down and you will find it is no longer attached to your head. So you have to go back to have it re-tied to keep up with your own hair growth, or you would just take it out. Also taking out weaves can be very frustrating. If you do not have time for clipping in your hair in the morning, then weave hair extensions are great and may be an awesome option for you. However if you have a problem with less versatility and hell when trying to take it out. Then clip ins should definitely be your option. Also with weaves you risk damage to your natural hair. If the braids are too tight during the install it can cause hair thinning and even hair loss.

Clip in hair extensions can be less damaging for your hair. You can take them out after a long night or if you are going to the gym, or even if you are lounging around the house and they are not needed. They are not constantly attached to your head, so the clip in extension will have a longer life span, as you are able to take care of them a lot more. But just like weaves, clip ins have their own disadvantages. You can only part the hair where there are no clips installed, this can limit your styling options. Also with windy weather it is possible that clips at the root may show, revealing that you are wearing extensions. However, clip in hair extensions also allow you to achieve much more volume compared to weave hair extensions. It can improve the overall appearance of your natural hair while adding beauty and confidence for the person wearing them. Also they are more versatile, you can change your hairstyle up a bit by clipping them in different ways.


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