Is Aliexpress Worth The Trouble?

Everybody knows Aliexpress for it’s cheap hair bundles. You can get three bundles for 100$ or less. However when it comes to quality it may be a hit and miss. Somethings you should know before buying is that not all of the vendors are crooks or bad. You should always read reviews before making a purchase with a vendor. If the reviews look good, go ahead and take the risk of buying. Also make sure that before you purchase something from a vendor, they have made 100+ transactions, they have a high rating and that the comments are real. Usually, automatic feedback is left from the vendors if a customer fails to leave feedback. It will usually say something like “Good” or “Great”, what you want to look for are legit feedback that tell you about the hair. I have purchased hair from Ali Express different times from  different vendors. Each batch came with a different experience. I have made my hair last for more than 5 months even through some shedding and matting but it was well worth it and nobody ever knew. However this is still risky. What if you do not have money to wate?

You should always look at the shipping. Avoid ordering hair from vendors who do not offer DHL shipping. This means it is coming all the way from China, and may take a month or more to arrive.  Just because the hair looks nice in the picture, chances are, there are 50 other vendors with that same picture. Also, you’re investing your money in this hair; don’t “experiment” with a low rated vendor. Be aware of vendors that use generic pictures instead of their own. Their picture can be completely different from the product they will actually ship to you. To ensure that the picture is original, you can do a reverse image search.

Also if a product has no rating, it isn’t the end of the world. You can easily do some quick research to find some more information on the vendor. Sometimes customers will upload YouTube videos of the hair instead of leaving a rating on the website. It’s a great way to see exactly what the hair looks like and how it moves when installed. YouTubers will often include detailed descriptions of their experience with the hair so far. Be sure to check the user’s other YouTube videos because they will sometimes make updated videos of the hair. Scrolling through YouTube video comments is also helpful. However some YouTubers may have been doing a sponsored review where the vendors sent them free hair. It has been often said that they send better quality hair to the YouTubers and give other customers low quality.

At the end of the day, I definitely think that Aliexpress has some ok deals. However, it is not worth the risk for the price. Sometimes the quality of the hair would be horrible. Aliexpress is not worth the time and money. It is very good to find a good vendor there. You should treat your hair good and spend money on better quality hair extensions.