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Cute Pony Tails for Long Hair

Before we investigate distinctive adorable pig tail hairdos, let us backtrack on the essential first – what is a pony tail? Essentially, pony tail is the most widely recognized and general of all hairdos. It can be worn by men, ladies of various ages and diverse ways of life. It’s basic, yet exquisite, and down to earth. It doesn’t have to an excessive amount of time and push to complete your horse, all you need is a hair brush, some versatile band/s or potentially bobby pins and voila! you have your hair all pulled far from your face to the back of your head. A pony tail is an adaptable hairdo, subsequently, a wide range of styles should be possible with it. Bring an excursion with this article, read on, and know some how to’s on various adorable pig tail haircuts!

A basic pony tail should be possible in a two-stage handle. To start , assemble your hair to the back of your head (braid) utilizing a hair brush (you can likewise utilize your exposed hands). At that point, secure the pig tail with a flexible band. In the event that you don’t want some hair getting away from your braid or frizz out, you may sprinkle a little hairspray to get that cleaned look. On the off chance that you pick to attempt distinctive braid hairdos you may require more bobby pins and elastics to do the trap. You may require a hair curler as well! The following is a rundown of various braid hairdos and the means on the most proficient method to do them.


As the name suggests, portioned pony tail resembles the common braid yet is partitioned into various fragments. Others call it the bubble pony tail in light of the fact that the customary braid is sectioned into segments as though delineating bubbles. It looks basic yet it adds a little curve to the common pony tail.

Recorded beneath are the means on the best way to do a fragmented braid:

1. Brush the greater part of your hair straight, keep to a high braid then secure firmly with a versatile band.

2. Beginning at the base, backcomb (or brush your hair in reverse on the off chance that you don’t have a backcomb) hair. Bother a little to make a pleasant air pocket then seal with a versatile band.

3. Rehash step 2 two to five circumstances contingent upon the length of your hair.

For better outcomes, you may utilize elastics with adorable plans. On the off chance that you need a more modern look, utilize elastics that would coordinate your hair shading superbly.


Side ponytail can have numerous varieties as well. To make a chic, slick or a more modern look you may include a little wind your side ponytail with a few meshes or twists. Here are a few stages on the most proficient method to do a twisted side ponytail:

1. Marginally part soggy hair on either left or right side.

2. Take around a 2-inch lump of hair from the front of the hairline and begin french braiding.

3. Include more hair with every hybrid to make a more grounded braid.

4. Proceed with the braiding up to the neck (or lower) then secure with a flexible band.

A braided side ponytail is not constrained to french plait, you may likewise attempt fishtail mesh to include a more sleek look. You may likewise have a go at doing a ponytail in favor of your head before doing any twist. For best outcomes, spritz some hairspray.


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