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All You Want to Know About Klix Extensions

Klix extensions is one of the high-end hair extensions providers. It’s a relatively new company, but it has risen through the ranks very quickly thanks to the quality of hair they provide.

The Hair
They are made of what is considered the highest quality of hair in the market, which is 100% virgin Remy human hair with all of the cuticles left completely intact. The hair is hand threaded onto the skin weft, and the result is silky smooth hair with a vibrant color.
Their Skin Wefts
Skin weft is a polyurethane base that has micro locks made to look like the hair’s growing out of your scalp. Your natural hair is pulled through these silicon micro locks and with another tool the stylist clamp them down. The micro locks are like cushions that protect your hair so your own hair won’t be pulled, torn or hurt and they don’t require any glue, tape nor any kind of chemicals to be placed.

They come in long strips, the stylist will cut it down, so it perfectly fits your head. These are a good option when you have thicker and fuller hair because extensions by fusion or strand by strand would take a very long time to place. If you have very thin hair, it’s not the best solution, but you can try getting other kinds of extensions that better suit your hair thickness.
Maintenance and Durability
Your stylist will tell you to come back in the fourth to sixth week of use, so the locks are moved back up and then locked back into place. The average lifespan is three months, but if they are taken care of, properly they can last for up to 4-6 months.

Types and Lengths
They come in full bundles and half bundles, for those that don’t want to add a big amount of volume to their already thick hair. There are only two lengths, the 18 inches one is available in all colors and the 22 inches long one on some select colors. They also come in two textures, the natural straight and with body waves.
A nice variety of colors is available for you, and you either pick a single color for your hair extensions or make a mix of 2 or even three colors, all in just one package which is an excellent thing to have. This way you can have a combination of light brown, ash blonde and medium blonde, there are also two ombré colors.

Price and how to get them
You can only get them through certified stylists, they are called klixTENSIONISTS as only they can place orders. You can find your closest certified salon online, you just need to type in your address and call them make an appointment. Remember to make sure that they are actually klixTENSIONISTS, they all have an ID card, and when it’s time to select the color, they’ll use the Klix Color Swatch Ring with the Klix logo on it.

Because of this, the price will depend on of the salon and state you live in but, for the full process of buying them and getting them locked in, the price circles the $400 for a half bundle and $750-$800 for a full bundle of these really high-quality hair extensions.

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